Want to Beat Amazon? Here's How.
The State of Mobility
in Department & Big Box Stores

Tactics to Out-Perform Amazon

Big Box and Department stores have a major advantage over retailer giant Amazon - the in-person relationship they have with their customers. So how can brands like Walmart, Home Depot, Big Lots and Lowes take advantage of those customers, relationships, and insights about them to increase store traffic and basket size? The report will highlight three key customer stories.

We Know What Your Customers Are Doing & What They Want In-Store

Our original research and insight into mobile shopping preferences in the Department and Big Box space point to three key areas that Big Box and Department stores need to pay attention to. The report highlights their behaviors and actions today - as well as exactly what they want in the years to come.

At a high level - what's most important to them?

  1. Information on the most up-to-date pricing details
  2. Visibility into inventory both in-store and online
  3. Access to anything that is going to increase store visit efficiency and save them time

Want to dig deeper?

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