The Connected Car Maturity Model

Does connectivity drive your business objectives, or are you only connecting things because it's cool?

Protecting lives in crowded venues and during critical situations is a tough job. Security teams of commercial organizations and institutions such as theme parks, hospitals, college and school campuses, need to be proactively alerted to danger in real time so that they can quickly respond and alleviate pain for those in distress. This calls for leveraging a robust situational awareness platform that provides a 360-degree view of threatening situations for people to assess and shift to a more secure environment. Connectivity can be used to keep your customers and run your business. And yet, which connected applications do you need most: Marketing? Supply chain? Warranty? There are countless features to add and things to do - and you can't do them all. So where should you focus?

That depends on what you want most: loyalty, differentiation, monetization, or quality.

With our Connected Car Maturity Model, we are introducing the industry's first way to score and track your efforts.

You can now easily determine which solutions are worth pursuing first and how advanced your offerings are, based on the objectives for your business. The model highlights what we think are the four most important objectives for any transportation business, as well as the solutions that enable each. Your self-reported progress toward these solutions will determine your grade for each objective, and ultimately, for your connected program as a whole.

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