Then to Now: The 5 Influential Eras of the Connected Car

To know where the Connected Car is going, you must understand where it has been.

With increased discussion around autonomous vehicles and improved connectivity in cars already on the market, it can feel as though there is too much to keep track of in the telematics and automotive space. We can pinpoint the time in history when modern-day automobiles were created, but what sparked the idea behind the connected car? The radio? Cruise Control? The fear of missing out? What defines a connected car and where did the journey begin?

Travel through time and discover how we arrived at one of the most exciting times in automotive history.

Through our Connected Car Timeline - Then to Now: The 5 Influential Eras of the Connected Car, we are introducing the industry's first ever comprehensive timeline of the connected car.

    Within this piece, you can now easily identify:

  1. How the idea of the Connected Car was born

  2. The historic innovations throughout the years that made it possible

  3. How we got where we are today

  4. Other industries affected by the Connected Car

  5. Where connectivity in the car is headed with technology-based disruption on the rise

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