Cloud Migration
& Integration:
You're Probably
Doing it Wrong

What matters most, and who's doing it well.

Why Cloud is Essential for Future Growth

With the rise of mobility across the enterprise - research has shown that cloud migration and integration services are the largest priority for CIO's today. Migration provides a huge swath of benefits for enterprises - both in mobilizing their workforces and delivering things faster and better to any end-user, but most cloud projects are being handled poorly.

Re-thinking The Cloud: What's Important

From our perspective, the way in which data needs to be migrated to the cloud should have an entirely different approach. One that shifts the focus from mass migration to a smaller more agile process that is guided for the customer, ensuring that the business resolves the right challenges - at the appropriate times.

We outline six guiding principles that we think must be a part of every cloud project:

  1. Methodology
  2. Mobile-First
  3. Data-Driven
  4. Human-Centric
  5. Microservices
  6. Security

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