Deliver Smartphone-Style Usability While Avoiding Harmful Distractions

Automakers and OEMs sell into an increasingly tech-savvy marketplace. Drivers take their smartphones everywhere; using apps that help them do everything from buying a pizza to planning their retirement. Voice technologies seem poised to make tapping and swiping a thing of the past. It's never easy to reconcile the competing demands of always-on-consumers with the realities of automotive manufacturing, especially when trying to accommodate the cognitive load of a driver.

Create a Laser Focus on Customer Experience

One route to clarity is to create a laser focus on customer experience (CX) by considering the hundreds of scenarios drivers face and designing thoughtful solutions that address them independently and in the context of a full journey.

Staying focused on the CX of today's drivers requires focus in three principal areas:

  1. Safety
  2. Multi-Modal Design
  3. Automatic Integration

In this ebook, leaders in the connected car space explain how to get there.

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