Understanding the Patient Journey: 5 Key Challenges for Healthcare App Developers

The Rise of Always-On Connectivity Disrupts the Traditional Relationship between Patients and Physicians

In the past, it was all top-down - doctors told patients what they had to know and needed to do. But today's patients carry smartphones with readily available access to medical information, and many use wearable devices that collect, track and interpret their health data.

Adopt a Customer-Experience (CX) Perspective to Help Navigate the Patient's Healthcare Journey

From clinicians to insurers to IT teams, forward-thinking people across the healthcare continuum are sorting out how to make healthcare apps a tool for patient empowerment. Patients want it, so competitive advantages will accrue to those who provide it.

CX and the patient journey pose five core challenges:

  1. Connecting with On-Demand Patients
  2. Technology Integration
  3. Optimizing the Patient Journey
  4. Using Data to Personalize Care
  5. Privacy and Compliance Issues

In this ebook, you will discover how to address these challenges based on insights from DMI's experts in patient-centered mobile development.

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