Your Guide to Leveraging Emerging Technologies in Grocery Stores

The Role of Technology is Fueling Innovation in the Grocery Sector

Competition between brick-and-mortar grocery stores and online retailers is ever-increasing. Customers are game changers as they expect in-store shopping to be similar to online shopping. Technological innovations such as interactive shelves fitted with sensors, mobile payment gateways, beacons, RFID-enabled microchips (real-time product replenishment management), and much more, bridge this gap to offer a fluid omni-channel shopping experience to customers.

Techniques to Build a Competitive Advantage in an Ever-Evolving Grocery Landscape

Growing customer expectations, emergence and expansion of lower-price alternatives such as Aldi, and Amazon's recent acquisition of Whole Foods have introduced urgency into grocery stores' investment in technology. This guide highlights how grocery stores can actively acquire, retain, and engage customers by incorporating more personalized and interactive moments using technologies such as data analytics, mobile, the Internet of Things, and more.

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