Out and About: How a new platform better protects people in public venues and institutions

Closing Safety Gaps and Safeguarding People in Expansive Public Venues Is A Major Security Concern

Protecting lives in crowded venues and during critical situations is a tough job. Security teams of commercial organizations and institutions such as theme parks, hospitals, college and school campuses, need to be proactively alerted to danger in real time so that they can quickly respond and alleviate pain for those in distress. This calls for leveraging a robust situational awareness platform that provides a 360-degree view of threatening situations for people to assess and shift to a more secure environment.

DMI's EndZone Platform - Addressing and Preventing Danger Responsively

DMI's new situational awareness platform, EndZone, is a vital tool that has the capabilities to capture and evaluate urgent and emergency situations in real time. Equipped with a key differentiator that distinguishes it from other solutions in the market, EndZone offers a major safety advantage to teams and individuals involved in dangerous situations.

    In this ebook, we detail the following information on EndZone:

  1. Dynamic Technological Capabilities

  2. Core features and components

  3. Application feasibility under different scenarios

  4. Unique value proposition

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