The State of Mobility in
Fashion & Apparel

What your customers want, how brands are faring,
and three major opportunities for growth

The Mobility Landscape Today is Bleak

With a razor thin profit margin, and a huge need to reconfigure the business to be agile enough to evolve with consumer expectations and shopping preferences - fashion and apparel brands have hit a wall.

Having worked with dozens of fashion and apparel brands, and creating our own mobile maturity model for the retail industry two years in a row - we have put together insights on the three biggest opportunities for fashion and apparel brands today and how we have solved them in the past.

Biggest Areas of Opportunity Identified

Our research and insight into the category point to three major areas of opportunity we see for the category. We outline what these challenges include, and how leaders in the space today are combatting them head-on.

1. Give customers what they want - don't assume anything
2. Optimize and test everything - every penny counts
3. Build a back-end that works, one without band aids

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