Mobile Maturity Model: 2018 Retail

Making Mobile the Champion for a Seamless In-Store Shopping Experience

Over the years, retailers have realized the potential of mobile and adopted it as a catalyst to deliver value and elevate customers' in-store shopping experience. By matching the capabilities of mobile with customers' desires, we have seen retailers proactively adapting to the expectations of today's mobile-first shoppers. Whether it is customer engagement through personalized recommendations, or store navigation and guidance via relevant mapping functionality, mobile has proven to be a hero when it comes to bridging the gap between online and offline shopping experiences.

Assessing the Role and State of Mobility in the Retail Environment

Mobile technology has undoubtedly transformed the way in which customers shop and engage with retailers. Therefore, as a part of DMI's M3: Mobile Maturity Model research initiative, which was launched in 2015, this year we present to you valuable insights on:

  1. How retailers are integrating mobile in their shopping experience, what is the approach they adopt, and who are the leaders

  2. Assessment of retailers' mobile performance in six categories that shoppers consider most important

  3. Potential solutions for retailers to enhance their mobile shopping capabilities

  4. Key takeaways from DMI mobile experts

  5. Predictions for in-store mobile commerce in 2018

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