Mobility-as-a-Service: Reinventing the Enterprise Mobility Experience

The focus of enterprise mobility management is primarily about driving cost savings for organizations.

While cost control certainly will always be a critical component, the priorities and implications of enterprise mobility management have broadened significantly. Now, rather than simply focusing on controlling costs or putting mobile devices into the hands of employees, it's about providing enterprises-and especially their end users-with customized, curated, high-quality experiences across a wide range to include the full life cycle of mobile devices and applications.

Mobility-as-a-Service is a holistic, all-inclusive approach to mobility management.

In this ebook, DMI explores the importance of reinventing the way organizations should be managing their mobile ecosystems and the idea of managed mobility services into the broader concept of mobility-as-a-service. Read it now to discover how reinventing the enterprise mobility experience can not only reduce costs, but streamline your mobile environment.

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